From the founder

“I want to create a better future. I believe that style creates confidence and I created this brand to provide individuals with the boundless feeling of confidence and joy. Luxevel is designed to help you flex and make the most of every moment, no matter if they are big or small.”



This brand is driven by my passion, my love for fitness, fashion, and my desire to empower others to be the best version of themselves. I believe everyone should be able to feel confident in their own body; to live a gratified, healthy, and inspired life. The result, is an extraordinary brand that captured everything I believed in. I bring to you, to unique active-wear line that embodies this mentality.

 And thus being said, Luxevel is born.


It’s all in the details. Our pieces are personally designed and curated with the goal that our shoppers will feel confident and the very best version of themselves. From hand picked colors, to comfortable, yet stylish cuts, all of Luxevel products are tailor made. We spend months perfecting each design to make you feel confident and comfortable in every step you take.


We are building the future of athletic wear—and everything we create starts with you. Whether you are working out, on stage or going out, Luxevel ensures you are dressed to stand out for success. We bring you the best in class activewear, crafted to take you to the highest level.

We’re here for you, our team, and each other. We are here as a family. We love our Luxevel family and are beyond grateful that each of you are a part of it.